Health & Life Skills

  Health & Life Skills

Our Health & Life Skills program develops young people's capacity to engage in positive behaviors that nurture their own well being, set personal goals and live successfully as self-sufficient adults.


  • To teach and encourage personal hygiene
  • To teach disease prevention
  • To provide programs on drug and alcohol abuse prevention
  • To provide entrepreneurial programs
  • To provide classes of independent living

Some of our Health & Lifeskills activities include:

Change is Possible (CHIPS) - Teen Dating and Violence|Bullying:Club members ages 12 and up are visited by Change is Possible (CHIPS) Domestic Violence Shelter. Members are educated by a representative from the organization on teen dating and violence. Both male and female members are made aware of the warning signs of a destructive relationship - threats, force and verbal and physical abuse - and ways to get out. It is vital for us to offer a program to our teens that will protect them now and in the future.

Representatives from the organization also visit the Club to take with ages 10 and up about the dangers of bullying. Topics of discussion include what bullying consists of, what do if you are being bullied and the potential dangers of social media and chat rooms. Internet safety tips are handed out at the end of the program.

Child Health Week:In collaboration with the Greene County Health Department enjoyed a week's worth of nutritional activities that helped to educate our Club members on healthy eating, portion control, proper nutrition and physical activity.

CREATION HEALTH: Representatives from CREATION Health educate our kids on a holistic approach to health. CREATION Health is a faith-based, whole person health philosophy that practices eight principles - choice, rest, environment, activity, trust, interpersonal relationship, outlook and nutrition. Program representatives speak to three age groups breaking down positive choices and behaviors in the CREATION Health plan.

Dental Sealants Program: Each year the state of Tennessee sets up a portable dentist chair in our Club to administer free dental check ups and services to our Club members. Dental sealants were applied to kids who desperately needed them at no cost to their parents, and the dental check ups were provided to kids who did not need sealants.

Fire Safety Program:October is National Fire Prevention Month, and to raise awareness among our members the Greeneville Fire Department visit annually to give a presentation on fire safety and prevention. The fire department speaks with members about what to do in case of a fire, the importance of having a fire evacuation plan and ways to prevent house fires. In addition, they bring one of their fire trucks to the Club to give kids a first hand look at all the workings of a fire engine.

Gardening Program: The Club offered a gardening program, in alliance with UT Extension-Master Gardeners and the H.E.A.L. (Healthy Eating, Active Living) grant. Ages 5-14 participate in the program which is offered every Monday for the entire year. It is designed to educate youth on the importance of healthy eating through nutritional education and the growing of their own fruits and vegetables.

Give Kids a Chance Day:In partnership with the Greene County Health Department we held the annual "Give Kids a Chance Day". This program provides a number of disadvantaged youth ages 5-18 with necessary pediatric services. Youth receive an EPSDT (Early Periodic Screening Diagnostic Testing) physical, required vaccinations, dental exam and eye exam free of charge. In addition to health services, kids receive a back pack full of supplies to help them in the coming school year.

Give Kids a Smile Day: Did you know tooth decay is the most common chronic childhood disease? February is National Children's Dental Health Month and is an ideal time for us to raise awareness to parents and their children about this leading disease. Crest Healthy Smiles and the American Dental Association sponsor the annual program. Club kids ages 5-9 are visited by a local dental hygienist who educates them on the importance of thoroughly brushing their teeth. A video is show to help the visually understand proper dental care methods.

Hand Washing and Hidden Sugars:Jane Brown of Tusculum College visited the Club to educate members on hand washing and hidden sugars. Youth ages 5-9 were educated on proper hand washing techniques, and taught that good hand washing protects against the spread of many illnesses, ranging from the common cold to more serious illnesses. In addition, kids were also educated on the danger of hidden sugars. This program helped kids to understand where dangerous sugars are lurking in their favorite snacks and educated them on healthy snack choices.

Healthy Choices: East Tennessee State University Nursing Students visit our Club members to educate them on making healthy lifestyle choices. Kids ages 8-9 are divided into small groups where a student speaks with them about their individual choices. After the small group meetings, they come together as a whole and are taught a fun activity to get them up and moving.

Healthy Habits:This continuing program is taught by part-time staff members at the Club with the help of the Greene County Health Department. Youth are taught in small group settings on developing healthy habits and why eating the proper foods is important. Children are given a complete health course in developing and maintaining healthy habits for life.

Kick Butts Day: We "kick butts" at the Boys & Girls Club to support the national campaign geared toward taking a stand against big tobacco, National Kick Butts Day. Our Boys & Girls Club partnered with the Health Department to bring tobacco education to our youth.  A presentation was given to our youth about saying no to tobacco and saying yes to living a healthy lifestyles. Kids were tasked with creating a clever slogan to display on our front courtyard fence. The slogan, "No Joke, Don't Smoke" was chosen.

Nutrition Program:During 2014, the Club focused on offering high quality, nutritional meals. The Club offered an afternoon snack during our afterschool program, and three meals a day during the summer program. In our afterschool program, over 20,000 meals/snacks were provided, and during our summer program over 20,000 meals/snacks were served. Offering these meals/snacks are vitally important to our kids' lives. Last year, over 40,000 meals/snacks were served to youth ages 5-18.

Pet Care: Club members ages 5-7 participate in a pet care program by Dr. Mitchell. It is important to foster a nurturing skill within the kids at the Club. Youth are educated on the important life skills on caring for a pet including regular feedings schedules, the significance of pet hygiene and the importance of showing the pet tender, loving care.

Safety Program:In partnership with the Greeneville Police Department, we offer a safety program to kids ages 5-9 on ways to stay safe. Representatives from the police department share with our Club members safety tips including never opening the door without a parent or guardian being home, letting your parents check your Halloween candy to be sure it is safe and the importance of firearm safety. Along with talking to members about ways to stay safe, they also bring a K-9 dog to explain the role the dog plays in keeping others in the community safe.

Smiles 4 Life: This dental hygiene program is focused on educating our Club members on healthy oral habits. Members are visited by a local dental hygienist where they are taught good habits through an entertaining presentation.

Self Awareness Program: The local Health Department educates our youth on good personal hygiene habits. The program focuses on the correct way to bathe, comb their hair, put on deodorant and other self-grooming techniques. Personal hygiene items are then handed out to Club members such as deodorant and toothpaste.

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